Victorian House Plans

These plans are produced in imperial (English) measurements. A metric conversion sheet is available on request.

These plans continue our tradition of simple, easy-to-follow doll house plans. They are based on using Jackson's Miniatures Victorian doors and windows but there is no restriction on using someone else's - just make sure you make the holes the right size! We have sold thousands of our Georgian plans and we continue to receive many compliments for their clarity and simplicity so we don't expect you to have any difficulty with these!

Victorian Cottage (with lift off roof)

This is based on our popular Georgian Dormer Cottage house plan.  

The finished house measures 21" wide by 13" deep and 28" high
(53cm by 33cm by 71cm).

Plan - Retail price: 6.50; Trade Price - order code A7

Victorian Cottage plan
Victorian Cottage Plan
Interior of house built from Victorian Cottage plan House built from Victorian cottage plan
Victorian Mansion (with hinged roof)

We have altered the appearance of our Victorian mansion to make it more distinguishable from our Georgian mansion.  

The finished house measures 30" wide by 18" deep and 40" high
(76cm by 46cm by 102cm).

The 6 individual rooms measure approximately 11" wide by 17" deep and 9" high. (The second floor - 3rd storey - has a lower ceiling height of 7 3/4")

Plan - Retail price: 10.50; Trade price- order code: A6

Victorian Mansion plan
Victorian Mansion Plan
Interior of house built from Victorian mansion plan House built from Victorian mansion plan
Victorian Mansion basement

A two room basement to complement our popular Victorian Mansion. The front can be moved away to reveal two large rooms measuring 14 1/2" wide by 18 1/4" deep and 7 7/8" high

The complete basement measures 30" wide by 25" deep (including garden) and 8 5/8" high (76cm by 64cm by 22cm).

Plan - Retail price: 4.25; Trade price- order code: A8

Victorian Mansion basement
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