Flooring and Tiles
Stone floor (colour: sand)

A textured plastic sheet with different size flagstones. Use on its own or paint to get an even better finish.

Sheet size: 12" wide by 7" high.

Retail price: 2.40; Trade price - order code: D9

Stone floor
Tiles for kitchen or bathroom

These tiles come in clear and red, and are 4 tiles per inch. The clear tiles can either be used to simulate glass tiles or painted to match your miniature bathroom or kitchen decor.

Sheet size: 12" wide by 7" high. Retail price for all colours and sizes:2.40; Trade price

Clear square tiles

Small tiles sheet (clear) (Order code: D10)
4 tiles per inch.

Red square tiles

Small tiles sheet (red) (Order code: D12)
4 tiles per inch.

Marble tiles

These tiles are superb! They come in two colours - green, and red. They are adhesive backed so all you need do is peel them off the sheet and put them in place. You can lay them as individual tiles or in complete sheets. There are two sheets of 24 tiles in each packet - enough to cover a floor or wall area 6" by 8". The tiles also have a clear protective covering which you peel off when you've finished. The tiles can be trimmed easily using a sharp hobby knife.

Retail price per packet: 3.50; Trade price

Green self-adhesive marble tiles
Green (Order code: D16)
1 tile per inch.

Red self-adhesive marble tiles
Red (Order code: D18)
1 tile per inch.

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