We have a comprehensive selection of brass and brass plated hardware for your doll house, including our unique 6mm (1/4") cranked hinge - available nowhere else!

The prices shown below are Retail prices. Please contact us for Trade prices.

Hardware Products
Jewel clasp
Hook and eye
Brass ball catch

0.90 each (order code: T1)
0.65 each (order code: T2)
1.35 each (order code: T3)

Door knobs
3/16" decorative brass doorknob
5/16" decorative brass doorknob
1/12th scale internal doorknob set (2 doorknobs and one shaft)
1/24th scale internal doorknob set (knob & shaft and one knob)

0.65 each (order code: T31)
1.75 each (order code: T7)
2.50 each (order code: T9)
1.90 each (order code: T33)

Curtain poles
Curtain pole 6" long
Curtain pole 12" long
Curtain rings
Screw eyes

1.00 each (order code: T10)
1.50 each (order code: T11)
0.05 each (order code: T12)
0.05 each (order code: T13L)

Piano hinges - dimensions given are with the hinge open.
3/4" hinges are made from brass plated steel. 1/2" hinges are made from solid brass, which results in a higher price. They are of superb quality and well worth the price, and of course they are suitable for external use as well - not just doll houses.
1/2" wide by 500mm long (1.25cm by 50cm) (all brass)
3/4" wide by 9 1/2" long (1.9cm by 24cm)

Brass screws - we have No. 2 x 1/4", and 3/8", and No. 4 x 1/4", and 3/8".
Steel screws
Please specify your requirement.
7.50 each (order code: T18)
2.00 each (order code: T19)

1.00 per dozen (order code: T37)
0.65 per dozen (order code: T39)

Mini hinge
Hinge no.   5 - 3/16" long,   5/32" wide - 0.12 each (order code: T42)
We no longer stock mini pins but they can be purchased from Micro Mark in the USA

Mini hinge and pins
Small hinges
Hinge no. 10 - 3/8" wide,     3/8" long   (10mm x 10mm)   - 0.40 each (order code: T22)
Hinge no. 13 - 3/8" wide,     5/8" long   (9mm x 16mm)   - 0.45 each (order code: T32)
Hinge no. 20 - 3/8" wide,     3/4" long   (9mm x 19mm)   - 0.50 each (order code: T24)
Hinge no. 40 - 3/8" wide,   1 5/8" long   (9mm x 40mm)   - 0.55 each (order code: T25)
Hinge no. 50 - 3/8" wide,   2" long     (9mm x 50mm)     - 0.60 each (order code: T26)
Hinge no. 12 - 1/2" wide,     5/8" long   (12mm x 16mm)   - 0.45 each (order code: T23)
Hinge no. 15 - 5/8" wide,   2" long     (16mm x 50mm)     - 0.75 each (order code: T27)
Pins for hinges - 0.75 per packet of 50 (order code: T29)

Cranked hinges
10mm (3/8") Cranked Hinge - 1.00 each (order code: T28)

Brass screws - 1.00 per dozen (order code: T37) - please specify size and length.
We have no. 2 and no.4 screws, 1/4" (6mm) or 3/8" (9mm) long
Steel screws - 0.65 per dozen (order code: T39)

6mm (1/4") Cranked Hinge - 1.00 (order code: T44)

Brass plated steel screws for 6mm (1/4") cranked hinge -
1.50 per dozen (order code: T45)
Cranked Hinges
Screw eyes all 10mm long and brass plated steel (from left to right)

Large - 3mm inside diameter - discontinued (was order code: T13L)
Medium - 2mm inside diameter - discontinued (was order code: T13M)
Small - 1.5mm inside diameter - 0.05 each (order code: T13S)
Screw eyes
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