We have a selection of brass and brass plated hardware for your doll house.

The prices shown below are Retail prices. Please contact us for Trade prices.

Hardware Products
Brass ball catch

1.35 each (order code: T3)

Door knobs
3/16" decorative brass doorknob
5/16" decorative brass doorknob
1/12th scale internal doorknob set (2 doorknobs and one shaft)
1/24th scale internal doorknob set (knob & shaft and one knob)

0.65 each (order code: T31)
1.75 each (order code: T7)
2.50 each (order code: T9)
1.90 each (order code: T33)

Piano hinges - dimensions given are with the hinge open.
3/4" hinges are made from brass plated steel. 1/2" hinges are made from solid brass, which results in a higher price. They are of superb quality and well worth the price, and of course they are suitable for external use as well - not just doll houses.
1/2" wide by 500mm long (1.25cm by 50cm) (all brass)
3/4" wide by 9 1/2" long (1.9cm by 24cm)

Brass screws - we have No. 2 x 1/4", and 3/8", and No. 4 x 1/4".
Steel screws

Please specify your requirement.
7.50 each (order code: T18)
2.00 each (order code: T19)

1.00 per dozen (order code: T37)
0.65 per dozen (order code: T39)

Mini hinge
Hinge no.   5 - 3/16" long,   5/32" wide - 0.12 each (order code: T42)
We no longer stock mini pins but they can be purchased from Micro Mark in the USA

Mini hinge and pins
Small hinges
Hinge no. 13 - 3/8" wide,     5/8" long   (9mm x 16mm)   - 0.45 each (order code: T32)
Hinge no. 20 - 3/8" wide,     3/4" long   (9mm x 19mm)   - 0.50 each (order code: T24)
Hinge no. 40 - 3/8" wide,   1 5/8" long   (9mm x 40mm)   - 0.55 each (order code: T25)
Hinge no. 50 - 3/8" wide,   2" long     (9mm x 50mm)     - 0.60 each (order code: T26)
Hinge no. 12 - 1/2" wide,     5/8" long   (12mm x 16mm)   - 0.45 each (order code: T23)
Hinge no. 15 - 5/8" wide,   2" long     (16mm x 50mm)     - 0.75 each (order code: T27)
Pins for hinges - 0.75 per packet of 50 (order code: T29)

Cranked hinges
10mm (3/8") Cranked Hinge - 1.00 each (order code: T28)
Brass screws - 1.00 per dozen (order code: T37) - please specify size and length.
we have No. 2 x 1/4", and 3/8", and No. 4 x 1/4".
Steel screws - 0.65 per dozen (order code: T39)

Cranked Hinges
Screw eyes all 10mm long and brass plated steel (from left to right)

Large - sold out and discontinued (was order code: T13L)
Medium - sold out discontinued (was order code: T13M)
Small - 1.5mm inside diameter - 0.01 each (order code: T13S)
Screw eyes
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