Floor papers  1.50 ($3.00) per sheet (sheet size: 83/4" wide by 6" high)
1/24 Diamond Tiles
"Diamond Tiles" (S5)

1/24 Worn flagstones
"Worn flagstones" (S6)

1/24 Blue marble tiles
"Blue Marble Tiles" (S25)

1/24 Green marble tiles
"Green Marble Tiles" (S26)

1/24 Quarry tiles
"Quarry tiles" (S28)

1/24 Wood floor
"Wood floor" (S29)

1/24 Herringbone
"Herringbone" (S30)

1/24 Square parquet
"Square parquet" (S31)

Floor papers  1.75 ($3.50) per sheet (sheet size: 85/8" wide by 63/8" high)
1/24 Vic Tile

"Victorian tile" (S40)

The illustration to the left shows a corner of our "Victorian tiles" paper. The full sheet measures 85/8" long by 63/8" wide.  The square pattern is repeated in a 4 by 6 arrangement and the border continues round the complete sheet. You can use the complete sheet as a whole or cut and paste it to suit your needs!

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