Garden railway building plans packs (plan, doors and windows - you provide the material and cut it out according to the plan

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Engine shed Goods shed Country Station
Engine shed plan pack Goods shed plan pack Country station plan pack
Signal box Small signal box Llanvi signal box
Signal box plan pack Lineside building/small signal box plan pack "Llanvi" signal box kit
Groudle Glen station Castle Caereinion signal box
Groudle Glen station plan pack Castle Caereinion signal box plan pack
Building materials
Plastic textured sheets - click on image for more information
Rough bricks Blocks Dressed stone
Rough bricks Blocks Dressed stone
Field stone Roofing Grey pantile roofing
Field stone Roofing Round edge tile roofing
Layered stone Weatherboarding Corrugated sheet
Layered stone Weatherboarding Corrugated sheeting
Front door and windows - click on image for more information
Windows - complete
Windows - dismantled

The 'Superior' water top up bottle
If you've ever been frustrated by the time it takes to fill your loco's boiler and worried about getting a repetitive strain injury while you do it, here's the solution!
Maybe your old top up bottle has simply dropped to bits because it was meant to be used as a plant spray. Here's the ultimate replacement!

We have a top up bottle that gives 3 to 4 times the volume per stroke of the usual trigger spray, with a cushioned trigger handle to make filling your boiler more comfortable! The trigger head has a sprung non-return valve that makes it well suited to the higher pressures used with coal fired locos, while of course it's perfect for use with gas fired locos too.

We offer two different bottle sizes. The larger one has a capacity of just under 1 litre (947ml) while the smaller one holds 650ml. There's a convenient graduated scale on the sides of both, in case you need to measure the amount of water you've pumped.

We call our top up bottle the 'Superior' because we think it is, and those who have already tried it seem to agree. Comments have ranged from 'exceptional' through 'brilliant' to 'great' so we have no doubt you'll be impressed by its performance.

The price is only 15.75 including postage and packing. Please specify which size bottle you'd like.

We can also provide a 'Rectus' coupling at the end (for use with DJB locos - and others - fitted with 'quick connectors') for an additional 2.50.

Water top up bottles
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